Don't Lose Your Most Precious Memories
What value do YOU put on your memories?

No, we aren't talking about you losing your mind, we are talking about the photos, slides and VHS tapes that YOU have at home.

Few people consider the the damage to photos, VHS tapes, slides and and film that happens over time.

Slides discolour, photos fade and become brittle and torn, VHS tape sheds it's magnetic coating or the magnetic coating degrades and the emulsion on film breaks down.

Most of us have experienced VHS tape jamming in the player. Imagine the loss of a long treasured record of people no longer with us being chewed up by the VCR. Not a very pleasant thought.

Once the damage is done, it cannot be undone.

What value do you place on the photos, slides and video tape that you have stored in albums or boxes?

Although most of us do not bring out the photos and slides frequently to refresh our memories, we have the comfort of knowing that we have them to view whenever we want to, particularly if those memories are of people no longer with us.

Permanently losing those memories can be as devastating as losing a family member. Those precious moments in a person's life cannot be recreated.

If those memories are important to you, then it's essential that you act NOW before it is too late.

Standard CD and DVD media only has a short life span. There's little point in backing up your memories on media that will start to degrade within a couple of years.

YES! That is how long most DVD and CD media is guaranteed for...1 to 5 years.

There are many services offering to simply copy VHS tape to video. We do more than just copy!

Northeast Media Productions can help to ensure that your memories will not be lost and you will have something of value to pass down to generations to come. Think of it as memory insurance. We use archival quality media guaranteed for 100 years.

But we don't stop at just providing high quality archival media. We want to give you something that can be handed down through the generations.

What is the story behind your photos? Will the information be passed down or lost over time when no-one is around to explain verbally what the occasion was or who the people pictured are?

There's more to every photo than just names and dates on the back ...which is usually as far as people go in recording an occasion.

Have a look at some of our samples of work that we have done for others to enable them to keep that little bit of family history alive.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Bill & Marie

Northeast Media Productions