Don't Lose Your Most Precious Memories
How North East Media Productions can help you!

Everything is done in consultation with you to ensure that you understand what we are offering and what you will receive.

What we can offer you will depend greatly on your budget. Video production can be very time consuming depending on what has been supplied to us and how much work we need to put in to give you a professional quality presentation that can be passed on to generations to come.

Depending on your location, we can come to you and sit down to discuss your needs, view the material that you want recorded and make suggestions on the best way to achieve your goal.

We service Melbourne and suburbs and North East Victoria.

We are more than happy to assist those who may be further outside of our service area by corresponding via mail, email and telephone. Contact us for further information.

First we will contact you by phone and go over the services we can provide and give you an expected price range and DVD running time based on the information that you provide.

Once you have decided on the level of production you need we will ask for a deposit and take copies of your material. For low volume, we may be able to scan everything you want recorded in your home.

If you have large numbers of photos, slides or long video tape/s, we would prefer to scan them at our office. Once we have our copies, we no longer require the original material and it will be returned to you immediately by registered mail. (We also strongly suggest that any material that is sent to us is sent by registered mail for security reasons.)

On further reviewing all the material provided, we can begin work on the production ...asking you for more information (if needed) writing a script, selecting appropriate music and preparing the final video.

We will provide you with a 30 second sample of the video for your approval. The sample may be provided as a mini DVD or uploaded to our web site for you to download and view if internet access is available.

If you are happy with the sample, we will continue with the production. If you would like changes made, then this is the time to ask for them as once we get into full production, any changes will incur extra cost.

The final production will be provided to you with two copies on archive quality DVD media. Extra copies will incur a further charge.