Don't Lose Your Most Precious Memories
What North East Media Productions can do for you!

Unlike other services that just copy photos or VHS tape to DVD, we offer you much more!

We can add background music, titles & subtitles to explain what is being seen or even a voice-over with scripted dialogue to tell the story.

Imagine a professional production that looks just like a television documentary with voice-over, interviews, and appropriate background music. It's all possible.

What you end up with is a historical video document that can be passed down to future generations with the whole story told as it happened.

Whether it be to chronicle someone's life, record the growth of a child or even to promote a business, North East Media Productions can give you exactly what you want.

The baby-boomer generation is heading for retirement. There are many stories to be told about their lives and experiences; times that will never be lived through by others.

It was a time of innocence when cricket was played in the street or back lanes; the milkman and baker delivering their goods in a horse drawn cart and even

the "ice man" delivering large blocks of ice for the ice chests used before refrigerators.

There are also many stories to be told by those who fought during the second world war. Some of those stories have never been told.

NOW is the time to record those precious moments and stories for future generations.

With the growing interest in tracing ancestors we may be able to track down old photos and birth and death registrations, but we will never fully understand the times that those people lived in outside from what has been recorded in history.

The current generations have the facilities and the ability to add their story to the information that will be passed down about them.

It's also the time to record the stories that their parents, grand parents and great grand parents have to tell.

Yes, there is an urgency in our message to you. None of us know what will happen tomorrow and what stories will be lost forever.

Contact Bill or Marie at North East Media Productionsand ask them what they can do for you.